MD5 Encryption

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This MD5 hash generator is useful if you want to code the password, also the credit card number or other sensitive date into MySQL, Postgress or other databases. This program is useful for PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL, Postgres developers, but anyone can use it for any program or tool.

What is an MD5 hash?

It is necessary to understand that MD5 hash is not encryption, but only a trace of your input. The MD5 hash create data by encoding a string of any length into a 128-bit fingerprint, encoding the same information will create the same 128-bit hash output. The received code can not be rebuilt and get the initial information that was entered.

Usually this code is used for storing, small numbers or information, passwords, card numbers, accounts and other things in databases such as MySQL. A coded string can contain up to 256 characters, the encoding is very fast and easy. MD5 hashes can also be used to ensure the validity of data. The MD5 hash algorithm always produces the same code for the same inscribed rows, so the user can check the hash of the source file, to see if it was damaged or changed at any time.